November 12, 2007

AcidSearch 0.7b3 Redux

Many of you submitted bug reports that the new version didn't do anything for you at all. This would definitely be my fault, as the install was horribly mangled. I can't seem to get a good Installer to come out Leopard's PackageMaker, but going back to my Tiger machine and using the older version worked the trick. If you downloaded 0.7b3, it's recommended that you download and install it again.

Also: to whoever decided to post the newest versions to MacUpdate: shame on you! I purposely did not post them to either MacUpdate or VersionTracker because they are still very much beta versions, much more so than 0.6x was. I wanted people to read the disclaimer before downloading.

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November 11, 2007

AcidSearch 0.7b3

The newest beta is ready. I haven't had much time to work on it, so if your bug is not fixed in this update I apologize. Please be patient! You are still welcome to submit bug reports and feature requests, of course.

A somewhat complete change log:

I guess that's about it. The search window looks a tiny bit different now.

Download AcidSearch 0.7b3

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